Steel barns in Shropshire

Why You Should Choose Steel-Framed Buildings for Agriculture

If you are a farmer or work within the agricultural sector of Powys, steel-framed buildings are common. They’re used as grain stores, cattle housing, lambing sheds, hay barns, and much more. If you’re thinking about expanding your business or replacing an old wooden structure with something more sturdy, here are some important reasons why you should choose steel-framed buildings for agriculture.


Pre-fabricated metal buildings will save you a lot of money in the long run. They are easy to ship, fast to install, and long significantly longer than timber alternatives. They also require far less maintenance, giving you a budget-friendly option for expanding or upgrading your current buildings.

Mould and Damp Resistant

One of the main headaches of timber-framed buildings on farmland is the occurrence of mould, damp, and rot. Condensation and damp are inevitable on working farms, and a steel-framed building will help eradicate the issue of mould and rot.

Your new steel building will also be resistant to vermin and insect infestations that can wreak havoc on wooden structures.

Optimal Storage for Equipment

Whether you need a new hay shed or somewhere secure to store your farming equipment, steel buildings are the safest and most secure. We can customise the structure to suit your needs, including a range of industrial doors to suit almost any application.

Steel-framed barns are especially great for storage since they are easy to lock, incredibly weather-resistant, and can withstand the fury of nature.

Highly Customisable

We know that no two agricultural businesses are the same, which is why we specialise in creating totally bespoke steel-framed buildings that fulfil all kinds of duties.

We can help you create the most optimal layout and add any features you need to make your new building as functional as possible.

We aim to exceed expectations and love to take on a challenge, so no matter how demanding your needs are, we’re confident we can design and install a new steel barn that’s perfect for your needs.

Get a Consultation With Our Steel Fabricators

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